Trends: Contemporary Chic

Image courtesy from H&M and ZARA.

Looks like the full ‘dapper look‘ is over everybody..! No more bow ties and full on floral prints on your shirt. Still, men’s fashion is growing more strong than ever. With more ‘contemporary meets sports‘ looks popping up on the runway, the mainstream fashion stores – where you and I buy my clothes – are slowly and more safely catching up to this trend as well. Smart, ’cause some men are still scared to buy tight sports leggings and matching shorts, like me. #aintgotthelegsforit So to get you more warm for these looks, this autumn you’re good with the more chic contemporary fashion style. Straight cuts and lines, premium quality products that lasts longer than one season and darker, warm colors with black setting the fundament of your outfit. Need some more inspiration? Find out more below!

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OOTD: September, 15th 2014.

The final outfit post of my trip in Barcelona. After a few days at the beach, my skin was completely burned and my eyes couldn’t handle my contacts anymore ’cause of the salt water of the ocean. So this is my, *urrgh-I-need-to-heal-look*… Charming, isn’t it? The sun really came through at the end of the trip, so I wore my new white tee by Topman, the denim shorts by Bershka and some flip flops by Converse. A very casual, light outfit that somehow really matches the boardwalk we were walking on that day. #nojoke Thanks to my buddy Danny for taking the pictures and for having a wonderful time while in Barça! Can’t wait to come back some day and feeling quite home again after arriving on the first day. :) See some more photos after the click and shop this look now!

Photos: Danny van Delden – Instagram @dvd1986

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OOTD: September, 12th 2014.

Get your sunscreen ready! We had full sunshine while visiting Parc Güell in Barcelona. This amazing park is very colorful with loads of beautiful mosaic and greens, as you could also see in previous post. A part of it is open for the public, where you can stroll around and listen to local artists under romantic arches and trees. For the more touristic part, famous for its benches and architecture, you have to buy a ticket. It isn’t that expensive and it’s definitely worth it! So do it if you have the chance. On this hot day I wanted some touristy pictures of myself as well; me on the bench, me walking in the park. But it’s a little bit more difficult with a bunch of people around you, watching you pose and strut. #awkward Still, me and my buddy had fun though!

On this day, I wore a very light, floral black and white T-shirt from Weekday and some basic white denim shorts from H&M. And with walking up and down hills loads of times, I wore my comfortable running shoes by Nike. Enjoy more shots of this beautiful park and see where to get this outfit below!

Photos: Danny van Delden – Instagram @dvd1986

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Travels: Visiting Barcelona (Part 2)

Finally! I got some time to sit down and look at the other three hundred pictures I took in Barça… #wanderlustmuch I tried to make a selection of photos for you that really shows the diversity of the city. So this time we’re heading from the W Hotel on the beach, to Aeri de Montserrat for a great view over Barcelona and finally, visiting Parc Güell in full sunshine. I had the most amazing time over there, and here are my favorite photos of my trip for the last time! I hope you enjoy this selection as much as I do. For me it shows where Barcelona truly stands for. This city has it all; the ocean and beaches, great architecture, romantic narrow streets, some wonderful parks where you rest in the shadow with friends and good food and friendly citizens. Until next time! And still coming up: two more outfit posts. #yay

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