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OOTD: Dark Flowers


The sun is becoming more and more present these days, and I absolutely love it. It finally gives me the reason to try out some new seasonal outfits that had been in my mind since the beginning of winter. Like this one. :) Found this coat during a winter sale at ZARA, but it was too cold to wear it outside. Yet, with the upcoming warmer days, it is the perfect “in between” coat. More cape like than coat actually. Decided to keep it classy with some good black pants and a floral shirt in matching colors. A quite basic, and darker outfit. So to give it a more spring/summer feeling, never forget to accessorize! Gold was a good contrast color in this outfit and gave it a nice accent. Or that’s what I think anyway… ;) Cut out boots with gold buckles, matching bracelet and necklace. and you’re done!  See more after the click!

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OOTD: New Beginnings

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So a lot has happened over the past couple of months. Good stuff, and not so good stuff. And many of it is school related. Finally, I’m in my last year of my Bachelor and I’m getting more and more nervous about the fact that I’m getting my diploma (hopefully) in just a few months. But during that last period of time, I started working in Amsterdam at a very cool designduo called Blom & Blom. As an intern there I’m busy with marketing, social media and of course writing my own thesis. I even moved from Tilburg back to Utrecht to live closer by. Still, I have to travel two hours back and forth everyday from door to door. So every time I get home, I’m a little bit cranky and switch to my homewear. And since that’s the setting for multiple nights in a row, I decided to share that particular look with you. ;) I love me some comfy sweater, and this roughly knitted one is currently my favorite. With spring around the corner sport shorts is quite enough. This is really the natural me, literally shot just I got out of the shower! How about you? Do you have some favorites you wear at home?

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OOTD: All (of) Me

Hype on: http://lookbook.nu/look/5754473-Zara-Trenchcoat-Maison-Martin-Margiela-Wool

Welcome 2014! I hope you all had a great vacation? I know I have. Filled up the holidays with friends, family and of course some good food. Now I noticed that a new contest is on at LOOKBOOK.NU, and I want in! ;) This time it’s not just about looks, it’s also about telling your own story. I kinda like that. We all know it isn’t about just looks. And I find it very interesting to read some very inspiring stories from other bloggers as well. So without further delay… here is mine. I hope you like it and if you do, please send some love to me on LOOKBOOK.NU.

“Through high school I’ve been picked upon by bullies, because of my looks, my accent and even on my sexuality. I was the ugly duckling that didn’t fit in. Untill in my second year I met my dearest friends who accepted me just the way I am. They didn’t care about my braces, my zits, my oversized clothing I got from my older brother or about the fact that I’m attracted to men. They just thought I was funny, shared same interests as them and was a loyal friend. And that loyalness is still there. I’ve known them now for more than twelve years. We talk to each other daily, go on holidays, share dinners, laughs and tears. They are – next to my family – the most important persons in the world to me. Within those twelve years they teached me to trust myself, be more open and confident in who I am. As a boy, I went through a lot of different phases in fashion, trying to fit in. But when I got older, I realised it’s about something else. It’s not about the latest trends, hype or being classic. It’s about you and developing yourself as a person. If you are the grungy, dapper or hipster type. Or like to switch it up depending on your mood (like myself), it doesn’t matter. Just remember that maybe what you find “ugly” in style of another person, that could be their favorite sweater or just their style in where they are most comfortable in. Respect that, like my friends respected me. Love that and be inspired by it. I know I always am.” - Martin B.

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