Knowledge: Hair Tutorial ‘The Messy Quiff’

So that fun post about my hairstyle escalated quickly..! ;) But I always keep my promises. And here is what you asked for. A full photo tutorial on how to get my signature hairstyle. I will take you through each step of the process and share my choice of hair products. Don’t worry, it’s not that much and hard as you think. But it’s all about knowing your hair type and how it falls, what kind of products you use and how much time you have in the morning (really though…). Let’s start with the products, shall we?

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Creativity: What’s up, Quiff?

Just a small post for now. You know how you browse through old photos and you’re like, “Gosh, WHY did I dress like this?” Well, that’s how my day was. But I was surprised my hair had quite the same style for some time and didn’t change, well… THAT much. Using the ‘quiff‘ hairstyle, you can do a lot with your hair. Long and short. Messy or clean. See above! ;) So I came up with an idea! Since I often get compliments on my hair and how it looks, which is of course, very nice. I’m thinking about doing some hair tutorial stuff? What do you say? Let me know in the comments and likes below!

OOTD: June, 30th 2014.


Hey guys! Today an update for you of an outfit I would wear on a casual working Monday. And so it happens… that’s today! ;) The weather is a bit off in the Netherlands. Hot, not hot. You know the deal. And as you know, I’m quite the skinny guy. So I’m quickly cold. Like, very cold. Today I was more in a though look/mood, so I decided to go a bit grungy on ya. What is the grunge look? Quite simple: all you need is a leather jacket and a plaid shirt around your waist. The rest is up to you… And here is my version!

The Zumo leather biker jacket is truly amazing. Good quality, light and slim fit. It’s been my favorite jacket ever since I got it. And it is perfect for this grunge/casual look. Black Weekday shirt underneath and Baravento socks to match. Add some washed denim from Bershka and a shirt from H&M and you’re done. Now you can go full grunge with some black boots and stuff like that. But I prefer the more chic version. So I added a pair of Clarks and some vintage glasses. Got my leather laptop bag for work and some nice rings on my fingers, and that’s it! What do you think? And how do you create your own grunge look? Let me know, and see more after the click!

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Creativity: Travelling through Egypt

Throwback to my first vacation without my parents! In the summer of 2008 I went with a good friend of mine to the country I always wanted to visit since I was a child: Egypt. The historic tales, myths and legends that my parents told, kept me longing for more. I went on a holiday for two weeks visiting the country. And we saw literally everything! Still one of the best vacations I ever did. Starting of with a cruise on the Nile for a week and exploring lots of temples, we then went to Cairo to see the pyramids and some museums. Finally, for the last couple of days we stayed at the beach in a beautiful resort for some snorkeling and swimming with the life underwater. I don’t know what it is, but seeing and being in the ocean always makes me calm and humble. Definitely want my future house to be beside the lake or near an ocean or something like that… ;) But for now, enjoy this photo diary!

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